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Simply Delicious: 101 Family Friendly Recipes

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    Recipes crafted to be simple. Make recipes that are easy to follow with what is already in your pantry.
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    Recipes that teach. These recipes are written so that you will learn important cooking skills and grow you as a cook.
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    Recipes that are Timeless. Recipes that you can add to the family recipe book and pass down to from generation to generation.

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Lacy Brown

Traffic Safety Engineer

“Simply Delicious could not be better named! It perfectly captures every recipe in this cookbook. Most serious home cooks, myself included, know to never try out a new recipe on guests. However, I have become such a huge fan of Mirlandra's Kitchen and trust her so much that I tested out several of the recipes in this cookbook on guests - and every single one got rave reviews! Simply Delicious transforms all of the classic dishes you might think are too complicated to make from scratch into simple, easy to follow recipes with superb results. My new go-to appetizer recipe is her Artichoke Parmesan Dip - something I had never made before, but it honestly tastes better than anything I've ever had in a restaurant! You simply can't go wrong with any of the 101 recipes in Simply Delicious!”

- Lacy Brown

In The Cookbook, You Will Discover:

Fast Dinners

15 Easy dinner recipes that require less than 30 minutes of preparation.

Spectacular Sides

14 Simple Side dishes for everyday dinners, Summer BBQs, Potlucks, and Holiday Feasts!

Mocktails, Cocktails, and Drinks Galore

Expand your drink menus with almost a dozen unique and interesting beverages to tickle your taste-buds.

Delectable Deserts

More than 30 Scrumptious yet simple Deserts for every occasion.

About the Author: Mirlandra Neuneker

I started Mirlandra’s Kitchen in 2014 because I loved to create recipes and share them with friends. Three years later I’ve fallen in love with sharing everything I’ve learned over more than two decades of teaching myself to cook. In 2017 one of my core values became, “Teach Everything You Know.” Every day I try to teach and encourage home cooks of all skill levels to create great food in their own kitchens.

100% Money Back Guarantee! I want you to love this book as much as I do! If for any reason you don't, I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. I won't bug you, argue with you or try to change your mind. I will just give you your money back - simple and honest like things are supposed to be! 

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What People Are Saying


April Gafford

Administrative Assistant

“Nothing in this cookbook is hard. My family and I have thoroughly enjoyed every recipe we have made! I love, love, love recipes that are easy and fast. It works amazing for my busy life. I didn’t know that easy recipes can be so tasteful and enjoyable. BUY THIS BOOK!!! It's totally worth it."

- April Gafford

Katie Moore


“These recipes have become staples in my cooking arsenal because they turn out so well and others ask for them. I have many cookbooks that provide exotic or over-the-top recipes that can be fun to make from time to time, but this cookbook is my greatest hits cookbook that I can refer to again and again.”

– Katie Moore

Brandi Whitaker


“Mirlandra opened my eyes to some amazing recipes that a busy mom of three can make and truly enjoy. ”

- Brandi Whitaker

Courtney & Mike

Medical Technician

“With easy to follow instructions, great notes, and recipes for everyone in my house to enjoy, Simply Delicious is better titled Simply Divine! Thank you Mirlandra for making me look forward to cooking again!”

-Courtney & Mike

A simple and powerful way to increase your cooking skills and recipe list all at the same time.

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